Philip Thurston



July 26th – September 17th, 2023


Thurston brings his work to life by accentuating the unique characteristics of a wave and emphasizing the light and what it illuminates. For Thurston, a well-planned and composed image should not need a lot of after editing effects. Instead, it should only compliment the energy that has gone into capturing the moment.


Thurston’s passion for wave photography and oceanic endeavors has developed from a lifestyle of living by the coast and his immense spirit of adventure. His enthusiastic nature and thirst for revelation has taken him to some of the wildest places on earth in his wholehearted pursuit of transforming “Energy into Art.”


Based on the South East Coast of NSW, Australia, he has studied forecasts and travelled extensively for the past 20 years to document the most powerful and beautiful moments of the breaking wave and oceanic events.