Nick Zinner


Nick Zinner (b. 1974) is the guitarist for the New York rock band Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Zinner studied photography at Bard and also in Paris, France. He has released four separate collections of his work: No Seats on the Party Car (2001), Slept in Beds (2003), I hope you are all happy now (2004), which features an introduction written by director Jim Jarmusch, and Please Take Me Off the Guest List (2010).


An exhibition – 1001 Images – of Zinner’s photographs was mounted in NYC in October 2010 and in San Francisco in February 2011. In January 2011, Zinner was commissioned by Lee Jeans to shoot their Winter ’11 advertising campaign.


In May 2011, a further exhibition of his photographs was mounted at the Anastasia Photo Gallery in New York City, featuring shots of the crowds at his concerts.


May 4 – June 4, 2010


A permanent fixture of the downtown art and music scene in New York, Nick Zinner has produced a number of photography books including his most recent collaboration with Zachary Lipez and Stacy Wakefield, Please Take Me Off the Guest List, published by Akashic Books.


Zinner is deeply invested in an exploration of the character of each audience. The corporeal and communal experience presented in his large-scale, color images addresses both the underlying mechanics of crowd performance and the desires of individuals in the audience. From desperation to jubilation, and from masculine posturing to a need for intimate connection, the audience performs for Zinner in his group-portraits. Zinner reveals for us a rarified and substantially undocumented vantage point. His images are at once a celebration and deconstruction of both the crowd experience and the very cult of celebrity that drives so much of our contemporary cultural consumption and discourse.


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