Paul Bulteel


Paul Bulteel (1948 – 2020) was a Belgian photographer whose work has been exhibited across Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and the United Kingdom. Bulteel published his first monograph, Cycle & Recycle, with Hatje Cantz in 2016. His exhibition Waste Not at Anastasia Photo was Bulteel’s first solo show in the United States.


September 20, 2017 – January 31, 2018


The world is consuming at unprecedented rates. Three and a half million tons of waste is generated globally every day. By 2100, that figure is expected to triple to a daily rate of 11 million. With a directive to mitigate its environmental effects, Bulteel’s home country of Belgium consistently ranks one of the best in the world at recycling, boasting a rate of 62 percent. Comparatively, the US stands at 35 percent.


Waste Not exhibits scenes from the extensive recycling systems working to restore materials for reuse. Since 2013, Bulteel has photographed 50 companies active in collecting, sorting, recycling and reclaiming waste across Western Europe.  His work aims to document a variety of waste streams and make viewers aware of the enormous quantities of materials left behind. Waste Not illustrates and encourages efforts to recycle waste on an unprecedented scale.


Waste Not is made possible by generous support from: