Benjamin Everett

Saṅkhāra | 行蘊

Taipei | 台北: February 24th – March 8th, 2023

台北信義新天地A9, 9F: Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Taipei Banquet & Exhibition Hall, 9th Floor, A9, (address: No. 9, Songshou Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City)


Taichung | 台中: March 11th – 22th, 2023

台中中港店, 10F, 天空劇場: Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Taichung Zhonggang, Culture Hall, 10th Floor (address: No.301, Section 3, Taiwan Blvd., Xitun District​, Taichung City)


Tainan | 台南:  March 25th – April 6th, 2023

台南新天地 6F C區: Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Tainan Place, 6 Floor, Area C (address: 658, Section 1, Ximen Road, Zhongxi District, Tainan City)


Benjamin Everett’s hybrid landscapes mix the traditions of photography and painting. These Images often combine a variety of digital or analogue techniques, sourced from diverse locations and found objects. His work is informed by exploration, both of inner and outer experience, and how the elemental in nature can help us learn more about the elemental in ourselves.


The work often begins with literary or conceptual studies centering around consciousness and perception. Influences range from traditional Buddhist practices to contemporary science and psychology. Landscapes are then sought that lend themselves to an exploration of these ideas.


In the field, a series of detailed photographs are produced that represent fascinations with unique aspects of the location; light on form, texture, color, or composition. Often these details are symbolic of natural forces or the synchronicity of repeated themes such as the aggregate structure of mountains or the forces of wind and water.


In the studio, these collected elements are used as puzzle pieces and become the foundation for a photo collage and matte painting (a technique used by filmmakers to simulate background locations). They provide opportunities for play and interactivity, a way to engage and re-experience a scene beyond our physical presence.


The final images function much like the landscapes within memories or dreams, symbolic abstractions where multiple inner and outer moments combine to transform scale and time.





Growing up with a love for adventure sports, it wasn’t until a series of ski racing injuries that Benjamin Everett’s interest turned towards art with deeper conviction. Drawing and painting made long periods of immobility more meaningful. Later on, meditation became another way to access many of the same emotional experiences that adventures in the physical world provided. Alternating between periods of mobility and immobility, Everett will use the camera in the field and digital painting techniques in the studio as a way to combine both inner and outer experiences.


Everett has worked with Hasselblad, Olympus, Land Rover, Canada Goose, DJI, Apple, Westin, Iceland Tourism, Idaho Tourism, and Wyoming Tourism.


Everett is a recipient of the prestigious Hasselblad Masters Award for Landscape/Nature. He lives and works on Lopez Island in Washington, United States.