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As of the last day of October, 7 billion souls inhabit this planet.  That estimate is according to the U.N.’s Population Fund, which also says that half those people are city dwellers. About 35 years from now, two thirds of the world’s population will reside in cities. With this in mind, I am photographing the world’s megacities, those where the population is measured in millions.  How can people live in such immense, crowded places? For all their chaos, big cities still have a sense of humanity. That’s what I want to reveal with these photographs—both the dynamic character of the city and the individual humans, the urban travelers, who call the metropolis home.



Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 2009


Cairo, Egypt, 2011


Mexico City, Mexico, 2011


Calcutta, India, 2008


Karachi, Pakistan, 2011


Jakarta, Indonesia, 2010


Mumbai, India, 2007


Karachi, Pakistan, 2011


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