Jonathan Alpeyrie traveled to Mosul, Iraq, in March 2017 to explore the Iraqi army’s advance in recapturing the city from ISIS control.

In 2014, the Islamic State declared its caliphate in Mosul. Iraqi troops have worked over the past year to unseat ISIS from their primary hold in the country. To date, they have reclaimed the east of the city and have been undergoing efforts to expel ISIS in its last bastion of the city. Hundreds of ISIS fights remain entrenched in Mosul in resistance to the Iraqi soldiers, making recent fighting the most brutal since the start of the Iraq’s reconquest.


Mosul’s civilians have found themselves trapped amidst the conflict. Those who are able attempt to escape. Others have not been as fortunate in making it out alive or unharmed. In several instances, the Iraqi military has imposed lulls in the conflict to allow rescue workers to remove the dead and injured from the area.





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