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Muhammad Ali Photographed by Thomas Hoepker

Today marks the 70th Birthday of one of America’s icons, Muhammad Ali. Thomas Hoepker photographed Ali throughout his career both in and out of the ring capturing some of the most iconic photographs of the champ. Many of these photographs can now be found, some published for the first time, in a beautiful new book, “Champ”, Muhammad Ali, photographed by Thomas Hoepker.  Anastasia Photo will be hosting a book signing with Thomas Hoepker on Tuesday, March 27.

A stunning limited edition portfolio box set has also been created that includes 12 collector’s prints, 20×24″, silver-halide / Baryt prints from the Magnum darkroom in New York. Limited edition of 10 portfolios. Each print is signed and numbered by the photographer.

Excerpt from the foreword of “Champ” by Thomas Hoepker:

So, we tried to stay close and kept a low profile. We realized that doing interviews was not a good way to get interesting quotes, but blending into the woodwork and observing the Champ was always fascinating. Ali could be widely alert, sharp and observant, he loved to saunter down the streets, to banter with real people. He melted away when he saw children. They adored him, he hugged them, he did some shadow-boxing and then he took sudden naps in the back seat of his chauffeured Lincoln sedan. In between he would recite some of his poems, cadenzas of witty words, self-praise or defaming his next opponent in the ring. One morning we drove over a bridge across the Chicago River, when I remarked that this was a great view of the skyline. Muhammad stopped the car and got out. “Could you please climb on that railing?” I asked. Ali jumped onto the banister, took his shirt off and shouted: “I’m the great- est! Want me to jump?” A split second later I had my picture of Ali flying – just this one click, one chance – and we drove on… – Thomas Hoepker

To purchase a copy of “Champ” contact Magnum Photos. For more information regarding the limited edition portfolio or individual prints contact richard@anastasia-photo.com.


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