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Roger Lemoyne

TAHRIR SQUARE, CAIRO, February 2nd 2011

This extraordinary moment: pro-democracy protesters, having taken over Tahrir Square, Cairo, nine days earlier, battled Mubarak supporters and employees through the entire night of the 2nd of February 2011. The riotous struggle that may be the defining moment of the Egyptian revolution, took the form of medieval combat with stones, bottles, Molotov cocktails, knives, iron bars, and shields of metal sheeting taken from a nearby construction site.

When I saw the first reports that the Arab revolution had spread from Tunisia to Egypt, I knew that something exceptional was happening, a historic shift, something akin to the fall of the Iron Curtain twenty years earlier. Most of history plays out in tiny increments that are hard to record visually. But here was an opportunity to show important social currents through a physical flow of human beings – a tide of humanity in action.



















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